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In business since 2007, Northwest Catering Services (NWC) provides full catering services and hot/cold meals to schools, colleges, and other commercial entities/ events in…more –>


Our primary business is the full catering of USDA-guideline meals to charter schools, colleges, and other events. This includes full preparation, delivery, service, and cleanup of a variety…more –>

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Drink water! Drink water instead of sugary drinks when you’re thirsty. To maintain a healthy weight, sip water or other drinks with few or no calories Practice stealth health – sneak… more –>


The success of Northwest Catering Services is the direct result of dynamic, dedicated people with a passion for great food, who like to be part of a devoted, hard-working team. If you’d like to… more –>


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Our Catering Services

Northwest Catering is here to help you experience the joy of good eating, you can request full service catering, including wait staff, or just a simple buffet line set up. We will gladly work with you on any ideas or requests you may have to create your very own perfect celebration at a price you can afford! Our food philosophy is grounded on simple well-made food, coupled with a keen curiosity to explore modern approaches to create fresh flavorful and innovative cuisine. We want you the have the array of cuisines from all over the world, for true customization of dishes.